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Why Recognize?


Higher Motivation

A properly designed and presented recognition program was rated the top motivator for performance above financial incentives by the majority of workers – 67% to be exact.


Improved Retention

Companies that implemented a strategic recognition program saw a turnover rate that was 23.4% lower than those companies without a recognition program.


Return on Investment

Companies that spent 1% or more of their payroll on recognition - saw an 85% positive impact on engagement!


What Employees Want

Employee satisfaction is an important tool for positive motivation.  When asked what leaders could do to improve their work life, 58% of employees replied “Give Recognition”


Lower Frustration

Organizations with recognition programs in place exhibited 28.6% lower frustration levels than companies that lacked a recognition program. A happy employee is a productive employee!

Employee Recognition produces feelings of goodwill between the employee and employer. Gifts need not be cost-prohibitive, however, a successful employee recognition program includes gifts with a recognized name brand and quality items signifying advanced levels achieved by the employee. It is the gesture of receiving a reward that provides the feeling of gratitude felt by the employee, which can restore a bounce in their step for a long time into the future.

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