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As your business expands and improves, it is vital for a successfully operating company to maintain and retain its quality workforce. Salaries, benefits and work location are the three main considerations taken into account when an employee accepts a job. With the current exodus of trained and qualified staff divided between competitors, what can your organization do to sustain employee satisfaction? How does your business achieve high employee loyalties while still maintaining a budget?


An affirmative work environment in conjunction with acknowledgment helps to create positive recognition for loyalty and achievements.  This is the number one reason why an employee remains with a single employer. Rewarding an employee on important milestones is an important action strengthening the employee's value and devotion to your organization.


Employee Recognition produces feelings of goodwill between the employee and employer. Gifts need not be cost-prohibitive, however, an extremely successful employee recognition program includes gifts exhibiting a recognized name brand and quality manufactured personal jewellery items with varying precious gems signifying advanced levels achieved by the employee. It is the gesture of receiving a reward that provides the feeling of gratitude felt by the employee, which can restore a bounce in their step for a long time into the future.

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