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Why Recognize?


Higher Motivation

A well-structured and effectively communicated recognition initiative emerged as the primary driver for performance, surpassing financial incentives according to the majority of employees – precisely 67%.


Improved Retention

Organizations that adopted a strategic recognition program experienced a turnover rate that was 23.4% lower compared to those without such a program in place.


Return on Investment

Organizations allocating 1% or more of their payroll towards recognition witnessed an 85% boost in engagement!


What Employees Want

Employee satisfaction is vital for motivation, 58% say leaders should give recognition to improve work life.


Lower Frustration

Companies with established recognition programs demonstrated frustration levels 28.6% lower than those without such programs. Remember, a contented employee is a productive one!

Recognizing employees fosters positive sentiments between employers and their staff. While gifts don't have to break the bank, a well-executed recognition program entails presenting branded, high-quality items that symbolize the employee's accomplishments. It's the act of being rewarded that generates a sense of appreciation in the employee, potentially revitalizing their enthusiasm for an extended period.

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